25TH Open Systems Days
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

19 - 20 APRIL 2018

FER, Zagreb, Croatia

Web video and audio using purely free and open source components


The web as we know it today couldn’t exist without free software. However, the web also helped re-emergence of proprietary technologies and closed systems that limit user freedom. One of the areas where this shows is in web multimedia - video and audio streaming, both live and on demand. Publishing a video or hosting a live stream today is trivial. Publishing a video or hosting a live stream using free technologies and avoiding artificial limits posted by the popular platforms is a quite different experience.

This talk will highlight challenges in publishing video and audio content using only free and open source software and unencumbered technologies, examine choices you have to make and walk you through several examples of how to publish multimedia on the web with minimal use of proprietary and closed solutions.






Senko Rašić

Founder and CEO of Good Code, a software consultancy based in Zagreb, Croatia, building web-based solutions for users all around the world. Open source author and contributor: created MicroLinux (the first Croatian Linux distribution), founding member of Croatian Ubuntu User Group, developed several widely-used Python and Django software packages and contributed to many others.


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