25TH Open Systems Days
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

19 - 20 APRIL 2018

FER, Zagreb, Croatia

Give Me Time to Realize My Swarm (Room D2)


In a span of just a few short years, Docker has revolutionized the world of Linux containers. A technology originally reserved to experts (we few, we happy few, we band of nerds) has now become accessible to a wider populace of system administrators and developers. It is making a profound impact on the industry, directly influencing how software is designed and built. And yet, it remains a fairly complex and intimidating subject. Words like swarm, engine, compose, link, and stack are thrown about with wild abandon. This lab aims to unravel the complexity and intimidation. It teaches everything you need to embark on a happy journey with Docker: from a first container to a loadbalanced cluster. Set sail.

The attendees should bring laptop with some kind of virtualization software installed, e.g. VirtualBox or VMware Workstation Player. For this lab, the attendees should setup two virtual machines with CentOS 7.X as the guest operating system.






Igor Ljubuncic

Igor Ljubuncic is a physicist by vocation and a Linux geek by profession. Igor comes with many years of experience in the hi-tech industry, including medical, high-performance computing, data center, cloud, and hosting fields, with emphasis on complex problem solving and the scientific method. To date, Igor’s portfolio includes 15 patents, 13 books, several open-source projects, numerous articles published in leading journals and magazines, and presentations at prestigious international conferences like LinuxCon, CloudOpen, OpenStack days, IEEE events, and others. In his free time, Igor writes car reviews, fantasy novels and manages his award-winning blog, dedoimedo.com.


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