25TH Open Systems Days
Croatian Linux Users’ Conference

19 - 20 APRIL 2018

FER, Zagreb, Croatia

How not to lose your sanity with kubernetes — simple cloud app (Room A-101)


We, engineers, want to automate things. We want things simple. We want them working. System administration, machine provisioning, monitoring, and various mishaps can occur to our infrastructure. Therefore, cloud became the popular option not only for cost savings but also faster development times, easier scaling and minimal administration. Kubernetes is de facto cloud kernel making our lives easier. It takes care where each service is scheduled, how much resources to allocate it, restarting it upon failure and many other. As any powerful tool, it's as simple as possible but no simpler. Though it's handling an almost insurmountable challenge, thus it's no simple beast. This workshop develops kubernetes application from the ground up.






Neven Miculinic

Neven Miculinic is a passionate technology enthusiast. His parents committed grave mistake, and at age 12 introduced him to Pascal and Logo. Since then he's programmed in various languages, from C, C++ to Haskell and Go. Distributed systems and machine learning are his interest areas, as well as watching Marvel action movies. Aside from free time tinkering he gathers his experience in international internships and creating AI Battleground project. Currently, he's writing his Master thesis at FER on deep learning application in bioinformatics


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